Create a Microsoft Teams meeting from Salesforce

You can create a Microsoft Teams meeting from a Salesforce record to create an event related to the record and add meeting details to that event. Also, these meeting details will automatically be registered to your Outlook calendar.

  Settings required

  • You would need to integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. (If you integrated with Microsoft Outlook Calendar before December 14, 2023, you would need to reintegrate it again.)
  • You must be permitted to use MiiTel Meetings and MiiTel Bot.
  1. Click the button you have created from Create a "Create a meeting button".
  2. Set the following fields and click Save.


1Topic: Meeting title.

2Time: Scheduled start time and end time.

3Timezome: Timezone for the time above.

4Participants: Enter the email addresses of all members you want to invite to the meeting. (The meeting details will be registered in each member's Outlook calendar.)

  1. After you create a meeting, the following screen will be displayed. The meeting details will be registered in the Outlook calendar.



  •  The event will be created in Salesforce after the meeting analysis is completed. (The event will not be created during the meeting.)
  •  After the meeting ends, the activity history related to the record where you clicked the "Create a meeting" button will be created in Salesforce. The meeting time, speech recognition results, call memos, etc., will be registered in the meeting history.

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