Announcement: MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS now supports iOS 17

From September 21, 2023, MiiTel Phone Mobile now supports iOS 17. (We have confirmed the app compatibility for MiiTel Phone Mobile v02.02.05, which is the latest version.)

Also, please note that some screens on MiiTel Phone Mobile will change on iOS 17.

Affected service

MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS 

Affected users

All customers using MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS.

Screen changes for MiiTel Phone Mobile on iOS 17

When you put a MiiTel Phone Mobile phone call on hold and answer an incoming call on your smartphone's phone app, some parts of the screen will be different.

When using MiiTel Phone Mobile on iOS 17

The MiiTel button, which allows you to switch from the phone app to MiiTel Phone Mobile, will no longer be available. From now on, you will need to switch apps on your iPhone.



  •   When you receive a phone call while the screen is locked, the Swap button will not be displayed. After putting the phone app's call on hold, tap the MiiTel button to open MiiTel Phone Mobile. Unlock the call on hold with MiiTel Phone Mobile to resume the phone call.

When using MiiTel Phone Mobile on an OS earlier than iOS 17



If you have any questions, please contact us.

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