Announcement: On MiiTel Phone for Salesforce, you can select the related party at the end of the call

From August 31, 2023, after you finish a call with MiiTel Phone for Salesforce, you can now select the record of the optional object as the related details of Salesforce's activity history, which will be registered on Salesforce.

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Release date

Night of August 30, 2023 (JST)

Customers who can use this feature

Customers who are setting the following and using MiiTel Phone for Salesforce can use this feature.


After you finish a call with MiiTel Phone for Salesforce, the Related to tab will be displayed. On the Related to tab, the Salesforce record (with the phone number of the other person) will be displayed as default.

Also, you can use optional keywords to search for the record related to the phone call. (When searching, you'll see the same search results as Salesforce's global search.)

After you select the related record and click Save, the activity history linked to the selected record will be registered or updated on Salesforce.

eng_Aug10_related to.png


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