Record the Zoom meeting by inviting the Video Bot

After you invite the MiiTel Bot (this Bot will do the recording) to join the Zoom meeting, the Bot will start the recording and the recording will automatically be saved to the meeting history in Video Analytics

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • In order to use this feature, you would need to subscribe to MiiTel Meetings and Bot. For more details, please contact your sales representative or customer success.
  • Only users with permission to use MiiTel Meetings and Bot can use this feature.
  1. Start a Zoom meeting. (The host must start the meeting from the Zoom app. If the host starts the meeting from a web browser, the Bot will not be able to record the meeting.)
  2. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  3. Click minitel.png Video Bots


  1. In Meeting link, enter the URL of the Zoom meeting.
  2. In Meeting title, enter the title of the Zoom meeting.

スクリーンショット 2023-07-19 11.26.26.png

  1. Click ▶︎ Record.
  2. Start the Zoom meeting and allow the MiiTel Bot to join the meeting. (The request to allow the Bot to join will appear within a minute.)
  3. After the MiiTel Bot joins, the recording will start.
  4. After the meeting is finished, the meeting history will be created on Video Analytics.


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