Announcement: We will be changing the layout for the call history

After July 13, 2023, we will be changing the layout for the call history.


After July 13

Affected customers

  • All customers who are using the call history.
  • The customers who are scraping call histories with RPA.


For the call history, we will change the location of the comment and speech recognition (beta).

Before: Displayed at the bottom of the call history.

After: Displayed on the right of the waveform graph.



We changed the layout so that users can easily check the speech recognition results and enter comments while playing the recording of the call.

Additional information

If you are scraping with RPA, you may not be able to retrieve the correct data.

Before the layout changes, we recommend you change the operation method, such as using Outgoing Webhook.

Thank you for your cooperation.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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