Deskphone option

If you connect your desk phone to MiiTel, you can create call histories for calls made with the desk phone. 

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • To use this feature, you would need to subscribe to a separate contract. For more details, please contact our sales representative or customer success.


External phone calls (outgoing and incoming)
Internal phone calls (outgoing and incoming)
Transferring phone calls (internal and external)
Create a call history
Speech recognition, speech analysis
Call memo ×*1
Monitoring *2
Whispering *2
Group call *2
Change the prefix number of your phone number ×
Use your Contacts ×
Change your status ×*3

*1 The automatic call memo will be registered to the call history in MiiTel Analytics. (You would need to enable the automatic call memo.)

*2 For calls made from MiiTel Phone to the desk phone, you can use the whispering, monitoring, and group call features. However, you can not use these features for calls made by the desk phone.

*3 The status will always be set as Available.

Supported devices

The following devices support the desk phone connection option.

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