Real-time monitor

You can use the real-time monitor to check all users' current statuses and the elapsed time of that status. 

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • To use this feature, you would need to subscribe to MiiTel Call Center. For more details, please contact your sales representative or customer success.
  • Users who have permission to use the dashboard can see the real-time monitor.



Circuit list

From the circuit list, you can check the live usage status of the circuit. You can also click the field name to change the order of the data. (With this, you can check the circuit with the most in the queue, the lowest ratio of answering calls, etc.)


You can check the following data in the circuit list.

  • Circuit name: Circuit name that is set in the phone number management.
  • Phone number: Phone number you use for MiiTel.
  • On call: Number number of currently active calls (not including extension calls and automatic call forwarding).
  • Dialing: Number number of calls that are currently being dialed.
  • Incoming calls (Missed): Number of missed calls.
  • Outgoing calls: Number of outgoing calls.
  • Outgoing calls (Missed): Number of calls (from users) that were unanswered.
  • In queue: Number of waiting calls.
  • Ratio of answered calls: Number of outgoing calls / (number of outgoing calls + number of outgoing calls (missed)) x 100
  • Maximum waiting time: Longest waiting time in the current queue.
  • Forwarding: Number of incoming calls that are currently being transferred automatically.
  • Incoming calls: Total number of the following: incoming calls, incoming calls (missed), voicemails, and automatic call forwarding
  • Answered calls: Total number of calls that were answered by the users.
  • Ratio of response: Ratio of the user answering the call (Ratio of response = number of answered calls / incoming calls x 100).
  • Maximum number of simultaneous calls: Maximum number of simultaneous outgoing calls (excluding internal calls, monitoring, and call forwarding). 


  •   The number of maximum simultaneous calls is different depending on the circuit. If you want to check this number, please contact us.
  •   Users with administrative privileges for MiiTel Call Center can change the display fields by clicking the Settings tab > Default display fields > Circuit list.


Operator list

From the operator list, you can check each user's current status, elapsed time of that current status, the number of answered calls, average call duration, and more. 


You can check the following data in the operator list.

  • User name: User's user name.
  • Work status: Overall time of each status.


  • Status: Current status that is being set on MiiTel Phone. (Users with administrative privileges for MiiTel Call Center can click to change the status.)



  • Circuit name: If the user is on the call, the circuit name of that user will be displayed.
  • Elapsed time: Elapsed time of the current status.
  • Extension number: User's extension number.
  • Answered calls: The number of calls that were answered by the user.
  • Average call duration: The average time of incoming calls.
  • Account name/Phone number: If the person's phone number is registered in Contacts, their account name and phone number will be displayed on this list. If the number is not registered, the list will show as "Unknown/Unknown/03-0000-0000."


  •   The values in the circuit list and operator list will reset every midnight. (If the real-time monitor is still open, the values will not reset. Please refresh the tab to reset the monitor.)


From the operator list, you can check the user's operation status by the following 12 statuses.

Status name Description
On call The user is currently on a call.
Available MiiTel Phone is open, and the user is available to receive phone calls.
Outgoing calls only The user is not available to receive phone calls.
Post-call The user is currently entering the call memo or doing administrative tasks for the post-call.
Short break The user is on a short break. Not available to receive phone calls.
Lunch The user is on a lunch break. Not available to receive phone calls.
Admin tasks The user is currently doing administrative tasks. Not available to receive phone calls.
Meeting The user is currently at a meeting. Not available to receive phone calls.
Training The user is currently participating in a training program. Not available to receive phone calls.
Network error MiiTel Phone is not able to update the status due to network issues.
Offline MiiTel Phone is closed.
None The status has not been updated for the past week.

Set an alert to the operator list

If the queue, ratio of response, or elapsed time exceeds the set value, the operator list will show an alert for these fields with a red or yellow background color. 

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Click Display rules > Alert.


  1. Set a numerical value for the field in which you want to show the alert on the list.
  2. Turn ON the toggle switch to enable the alert.


  1. Click Save.

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