Phone number display restrictions

You can hide parts of the phone number displayed on MiiTel Phone. You can set the number of digits to show or hide from MiiTel Admin.


  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • You must have administrative privileges to set the phone number display restrictions.
  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.

  2. Click cog-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Admin on the top right of the page.

  3. Click Security > Phone Number Display Restrictions.
  4. Check Set restrictions to the phone number to be displayed.
  5. Enter the number of digits you want to display in First and Last.


  1. Click Save.


  •   This setting is only available for MiiTel Phone. You cannot hide the digits of the phone number for MiiTel Phone Mobile and MiiTel Analytics.
  •  When the phone number display restrictions are enabled, the phone numbers suggestion on MiiTel Phone will be disabled.

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