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With Incoming Webhook, you can integrate MiiTel with the phone system, and then you can manage, collect the data, and analyze the call histories made by the phone system on MiiTel Analytics.

  Permissions or subscriptions required

  • You would need to subscribe to a separate contract. If you wish to use this service, please contact your sales representative.
  • Only users who have administrative privileges can configure this setting.


Before using Incoming Webhook

First, you would need to create a URL that you will use to set Incoming Webhook.

  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click cog-solid__1_.svg Open MiiTel Admin on the top right of the page.
  3. Click Third Party Integration > Incoming Webhook.
  4. Click Create URL.
  5. The URL will appear on the settings screen.



  •   For one company ID, you can create one URL.
  •   If you want to recreate the URL, delete the URL by clicking  ellipsis-v-light__1_.svg  > Delete, then click Create URL again.

Next, permit the user who will use Incoming Webhook, then receive the user ID.

  1. Click User > User List.
  2. Click [ ellipsis-v-light__1_.svg ] on the user who will use Incoming Webhook > Edit.
  3. Check Enable for Use Incoming Webhook.
  4. Click Save.

スクリーンショット 2023-11-28 17.09.11.png

  1. Click [ ellipsis-v-light__1_.svg ] on the user who received permission to use Incoming Webhook > Check User ID.
  2. Click Copy ID.


Set up Incoming Webhook

1. Send a request to Incoming Webhook URL

Access the following URL and check the request method.

(Change your_companyID to your company ID.)

2. Upload the audio file

After you successfully send the request, you will receive the URL for uploading the audio file. You can upload the following file format.

  • Audio channel: stereo, mono
  • File format: M4A, MP3, WAV


  •   If the audio channel is mono, the speaker will be determined after the audio file is uploaded. Therefore, the speaker may be detected incorrectly in some parts of the conversation.

Send the audio file by PUT in the URL above.


endpoint URL you received after creating the call history
method PUT
param -
data File


Status Description
200 Upload completed
403 Wrong URL or over three hours have passed since you sent the request, and the session has expired

After you complete the settings above, please check if the call history is successfully created on the call history in MiiTel Analytics and see if there are no errors. For errors, please check the examples below for details.

  • If you see the message Analytics engine is not started because the audio file has not been uploaded or is uploading, you may not have finished setting 2. Upload the audio file or the file upload may have failed.
  • If you see the error message Failed to Analyze data because of call duration is too short to analyze or a problem in recording, the extension of the audio file and the file_type of the parameter may not be the same, or something may be wrong with the file.

Switch the speaker in the speech recognition results

If you are sending an audio file upload request with "audio_channel_type": "MONAURAL", the call history may be created with the user and customer's speeches being the opposite. (If the speaker is determined correctly, the user will be displayed in blue, and the customer will be displayed in red.

If the speakers in the call history were the opposite, you can follow the steps below to switch the speakers.

  1. Visit and log in to MiiTel Analytics.
  2. Click Call History headphones-solid.
  3. Select the call history in which the speeches of the user and customer are the opposite.
  4. Click Operation located on the top right of the graph > Swap user and customer.


  •  If you are integrating MiiTel with the following services and setting to register the speech recognition results to these services, you can save the activity history with the revised speech recognition results after clicking Swap user and customer.
  •  If you set the following Slack notification rules, you will receive the following notifications after clicking Swap user and customer.
    ・When the speech recognition is completed:  After you click Swap user and customer, you will receive a Slack notification. The notification will include the speech recognition results with the switched speakers.
    ・Include the speech recognition results (summary): The Slack notification you will receive after clicking Swap user and customer will include the summary with the switched speakers.
  •  If you are using Outgoing Webhook, the call history with the revised speech recognition results will be sent after clicking Swap user and customer. The old call history details will not be overwritten. 
  •  If you set to receive the email notification after the speech recognition is completed, you will receive another email notification after clicking Swap user and customer.

Additional information: Data format for requests

The data format for requesting to create a call history is the following.

"call_data": [
        "call_data_id": str,
        "audio_file_type": str,
        "event_type": str,
        "groupname": str or null,
        "queue_name": str or null,
        "call_starts_at": str(datetime),
        "call_answered_at": str(datetime) or null,
        "call_ends_at": str(datetime),
        "circuit_number": str or null,
        "audio_channel_type": STEREO or MONAURAL, /*Unspecified is processed in STEREO*/
        "participants": [
              "type": "FROM" or "TO",
              "stereo_lr": "left" or "right",
              "miitel_user_id": str or null,
              "number": str,
              "name": str or null
        "tags": [
            {"value": str}


  •   "miitel_user_id" is required depending on "event_type" and "type" of "participants".
"event_type" "miitel_user_id" (Required / Not required)

"type": “FROM“

"type": “TO“


Outgoing calls (external)

Required -


Call transfer (external)

Required -


Incoming calls (external)

- May be required *1


Automatic call forwarding

- -


Extension calls to a user


May be required *2


Internal transfer to a user


May be required *2


Answering machine

- -

*1: If call_answered_at is not null: Required

*2: No group_name: Required
      If there is a group_name: Required if call_answered_at is not null.

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