The speech recognition results are not displayed on Zoom's meeting history

If the speech recognition results of the Zoom meeting history are not displayed, the following may be the cause of the problem.

The volume of the voice was too low, or there were unexpected noises

Some parts of the conversation for speech recognition may not work properly if the volume of the recorded voice is too low or when there are unexpected noises during the recording.

The participants changed their names during the Zoom meeting

The speech recognition may not work properly for conversations made by participants who changed their names during the Zoom meeting.

You can change the Zoom settings as below so that the participants cannot change their names during the meeting.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Click Settings > Meeting tab.
  3. To disable Allow users to change their name when joining a meeting, click the toggle.


The recording is longer than 8 hours

Speech recognition and voice analysis will not be available for recording files that are longer than 8 hours. (You can still play the recording of these files on MiiTel Analytics.)

You have uploaded the recording of Zoom Webinars

Speech recognition is not available for the recording of Zoom Webinars. (For Zoom Webinars, you can upload and play the recording on MiiTel Analytics.)

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