Announcement: The specifications of some features will change due to the transition to the new system

We will gradually transfer to the new MiiTel system starting in late November, 2022. Due to this transition, the specifications will change for some features.


From late November, 2022 (tentative)

Affected customers

All customers who are using the following services and functions

Details of the specification changes

MiiTel Phone

  • Offline and Online status will display as Loading.


  • Enable enhanced voice communications will be removed. (You can change this setting from Settings > Network settings > Voice Communication)
  • For the wide mode of the incoming call screen, the person who picked up the transferred call can check the following in Call details
    • Name, company name, and phone number of the person who made the original call
    • User name and extension number of the person who transferred the call
  • You can switch the microphone and speaker devices on MiiTel Phone.


Phone calls

  • After you make a new user account, you can immediately start making calls with the new account.
  • MiiTel Phone will immediately reflect the new or edited Queue settings.
  • You can make phone calls after you set the Company ID of your new phone number.

Transferring and monitoring

  • The "Transfer" announcement, which is played at the start of the transferred call, will no longer be played.
  • The sound that plays when the call transfer is successful or unsuccessful will be different.
  • The sound that plays at the beginning of the monitoring will no longer be played.
  • You will not be able to do the monitoring, whispering, and group calls from the voice guidance. 

MiiTel Phone Mobile

  • You can answer phone calls made from the queue or predictive dialer. (However, you won't be able to answer when your phone is locked or when you are using MiiTel Phone Mobile in the background.) 
  • You would need the enable the 65061/TCP for the protocol. (Added on December 5th, 2022)
  • Supported version: v02.01.00 or later (iOS, Android)

Predictive dialer

  • Wait timeout (sec) and Call interval (sec) will be removed from the settings of the predictive dialer. (Instead, the wait timeout set on the queue will be applied.)



If you have any questions, please contact Support.

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