Use MiiTel on the Salesforce Mobile App for iOS

You can easily make calls from MiiTel Phone Mobile by simply tapping the phone number (click to call) displayed in the Salesforce mobile app. Also, if you change the settings on Salesforce mobile app as described on this page, you will be able to check MiiTel's call history and play your call recordings.


  •   This feature is only available for the following users that meet the following conditions.

・ The user has installed and completed the settings of MiiTel for Salesforce v1.3.1.

・ The user has permission to use MiiTel for Salesforce.

・ The user has permission to use MiiTel Phone Mobile.

・ The user is using Salesforce mobile app for iOS (this feature is not available for the Android version).

・ The user is using MiiTel Phone Mobile for iOS.

  •   If you use this feature to make a phone call to a phone number registered in the standard fields of Contacts, Accounts, and Leads, or a phone number registered in the mobile fields, the app will create the MiiTel activity history in the corresponding record.
  •   If you make a phone call to a phone number registered in multiple records of Contacts, Accounts, and Leads, the app will search the record in the following order of priority to create the MiiTel activity history.
    1. Contacts
    2. Accounts
    3. Leads
    4. The record with the last modified update in the objects above


Enable the Salesforce mobile app settings

First, you will change the settings on Salesforce so that you can check MiiTel's call history from the Salesforce mobile app.

  1. Log in to Salesforce with an account that has a system administrator profile.
  2. Click the Setup icon located on the top right of Salesforce > Setup
  3. Enter lightning app in the search box.
  4. Click Lightning App Builder from the search results.


  1. Click Edit on the Tasks record page where you've set MiiTel for Salesforce.
  2. You will check if a MiiTel tab exists and if MiiTel for Salesforce is set up on that tab. If you can't check any of them, please set them up by referring to How to set up MiiTel for Salesforce.
  3. On the top of the page (red box), you will set this as Phone. You will see how the tasks are going to be displayed on the Salesforce mobile app. You can also customize the display settings from here.


  1. Click Activation...


  1. Click Assign as Org Default (if Assign as Org Default has already been set, click Add Another Form Factor).


  1. Select the device you wish to display MiiTel for Salesforce, and click Next.
    Phone: Show the button only on the Salesforce mobile app screen
    Desktop and phone: Show the button when you are using Salesforce from your computer or when you are using the mobile app version
  2. Click Save on the next page.
  3. Click Save, located on the top-right.


Create and add the "Click to call" button

On the Salesforce mobile app, you can also add a button to make phone calls by "click to call". Depending on which object you will add the button, the steps you must follow for this setup is different.

Lead, Account, Contact: Steps #6 - #10

Other than the above: Steps #1 - #10

  1. Click the Setup icon located on the top right of Salesforce > Setup > Object Manager
  2. Click the label name of the object you wish to set the click to call feature.
  3. Click Buttons, Links, and Actions.
  4. Click New Button or Link.
  5. After you've finished setting up all of the fields below, click Save.


1Label: Enter the name of the button here.

2Display Type: Choose Detail Page Button

3Behavior: Set Display in existing window without sidebar

4Enter the URL below. Change the bold part to the "object API name" of the object you will set the button. 

/apex/MiiTel__MiiTelDial?id={!Object API name.Id} 


  •   For the record ID, which you will insert in the bold part, select the field with the "ID" next to the object (example: Opportunity ID). The image below shows an example of setting the object API name as OpportunityID.


  1. Click OK for the message "The new custom button will not be displayed to users until you add it to the page layout."
  2. Click Page Layouts.
  3. Click the name of the page layout you wish to use click to call.
  4. Click Mobile & Lightning Actions located on the top of the window.


  1. Drag and drop the Dial on MiiTel button or the name of the button you've set up on step #5 to Salesforce Mobile & Lightning Experience Actions.


  1. Click Save.


After completing the settings, please open the Salesforce mobile app and check if the button is displayed on top of the object page (which you've set to add the button). Also, after you tap the Dial on MiiTel button or the button with the name you've set up in step #5, tap a phone number and check if you can make a phone call. 


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